Hoppa till innehållet
28 februari 2023

[i.o.h] has been reinforced!

Hello and welcome Sandra! How does it feel to become one of the team?

Thanks for welcoming me! I am very happy to join [i.o.h] and its members and look forward to
getting acquainted further, and, to working together! What is the Swedish word for team? I
would love to learn some Swedish.

What is your professional background?

I was trained as an organizational and social psychologist and later in system psychodynamics
(including group dynamics). I have always worked as a consultant and as an academic
simultaneously. In 2002, I founded my own practice, Professional Development International.
Further, I am a professor of organizational science, working at Utrecht University. As a
consultant and as an academic I focus on the relational dynamics of working across
organizational boundaries. By the way, I am also a historian.

In which areas do you want to work as a consultant at [i.o.h]?

Hopefully, I can help individuals and groups in interorganizational systems, to work with
relational / group dynamics and its undercurrents, for example in developing trust, arriving at
a joint goal while also serving one’s own interests, working with double loyalties (the
network, and one’s own organization), engaging in constructive conflict, jointly shaping the
required leadership, and engaging in joint sense making through reflection.

How is it, do you think, that you are interested in these particular areas of work?

I have always been interested in the role of difference in human relationships and social
systems. Difference is of life value yet can be threatening. How to capitalize on diversity?
How to embrace ‘otherness’?

What are your hobbies?

I am interested in history, and, art (painting, architecture, music, film). I sing and ride a
bicycle (not at the same time).

Thanks Sandra! A last question. Is there anything you can tell us about yourself that we
will never write about on the website?

I like challenging and being challenged. For those groups where this may feel uncomfortable,
I help them to understand these feelings and get engaged.

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